Yale Lions Club

About Us


The members you see in the picture above make about 2/3 of the Yale Lions Club, some you may know and some you will surely recognize the next time you see them, when you do be sure to say hi they will reciprocate and maybe ask you to join us for a meeting to find out more.


Yale Lions Officers;

President: Lion Tim Bobcean

Secretary: Lion Chris Bobcean

Treasurer: Lion Richard Roose

1st Vice President: Lion Kim Cowhy

2nd Vice President: Lion Moe Clark

3rd Vice President: Lion Jerry Matese

Lion Tamer: Lion Dave Peltier
                        Lion Terri Peltier

Tail Twister: Lion Jan Meikle
                  Lion Gary Kettlewell

1 Year Board: Lion Rich Meikle
                         Lion Barb Stasik

2 Year Board:  Lion Audrey Roose 
                       Lion Steve Huston 

Alternate Board: Lion Amy Huston 
                          Lion Joyce Yeaschevich 
                             Lion Jim Cronin  

Refreshment Host: Lion Cathy Arnold
                             Lion Dart Arnold

Immediate Past Pres. Lion Mike Wynne

Membership Chairman Lion Ed Armstrong


The Yale Lions Club are very proud to be able to assist the needy in our community each year. Helping is the primary goal that has guided us for the past 60 years. We are always happy to say to whom ever we help that this great community of Yale has given us this great gift we share, through them we have the funds to give to families and individuals. When there is a fire, we jump at the chance to give help so no one has go without. We also help with alot of other needs; eyeglasses, hearing aids, some medical needs, handicapped equipment. We belong to a great organization and through donations from this community and those surrounding us we give these services back to those less fortunate. Wouldn't you too like to help to brighten someones day when they feel that all is lost? Contact us through this Web site, or pick up the phone and call 810-387-3444, leave a message so we can get back with you. We have a lot of fun and invite all to participate.  

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