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Yale Lions Club "Serving Our Communities"

   Summerfest weekend was almost a success, we were hoping for Mother Nature to work with us but as normal she was unpredictable and the rain was to much to handle. We held the Autocross and the Mud bog but the track was just to wet to hold the Figure 8 race on Sunday so the event had to rescheduled for June 28th at 1:00 pm, we hope to see all of you there and we know that even a one day event can be a lot of fun for all. Check the rest of the pages to find out times, dates, or changes to the schedule for the events, be sure you look close at the Summerfest and Mud bog page and the rules page and come on out and have some fun with us. Don't forget to check out the rest of the pages of this web site, there is a lot of info for everyone. 
    The Yale Lions Club is made up of over 60 individual volunteers, men and woman who are willing to roll up their sleeves, dig right in and get their hands dirty to make sure that the needy people in the community are well taken care of. Those that may have lost their loved ones, or may have had a home fire, or even a major illness. We like to think that through our efforts we can increase the quality of life for whom ever we help.


The Yale Lions


1st Wed. at 7:00 PM

3rd Wed. at 7:30 PM

101 N. Street

Yale MI. 48097


If you are interested in joining please contact a Yale Lions member.

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